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Welcome to Empiriko

Empiriko is a clinical intelligence company that leverages experimental research and in silico modeling to provide solutions in drug discovery, development and patient treatment. To achieve a higher level of predictive power, Empiriko has designed in vitro and ex vivo biomimetic systems – Biomimiks™ – that function as “chemosynthetic livers” to generate and predict metabolic profiles of drugs, which identify New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and reduce drug attrition rates.

Our chemistry-based technology significantly reduces the time and cost associated with isolating and identifying drug metabolites using liver slices, microsomal preparations and bodily fluids extracted from animals and humans. With Biomimiks™ researchers, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians can now apply a new level of proactive intelligence – aimed at developing better and safer compounds, optimizing clinical trial design and treating patients more effectively.

More specifically:

  • Research scientists can reduce the attrition of new chemical entities (NCEs) by conducting early metabolism studies, generating quantitative measures of toxicity and reducing the necessity of animal experimentation.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can rapidly propel advances in drug discovery and clinical development while introducing new and more efficacious compounds, cutting costs and reducing compound attrition.
  • Clinicians can analyze metabolic patterns to assess drug-to-drug interactions and the safety and efficacy associated with adding a new drug to a patient’s drug regimen.

Empiriko’s proprietary Biomimiks™ technology addresses the full drug lifecycle, represents the future of drug discovery and development, and supports the promise of personalized medicine.