Biomimiks™ Technology

Empiriko’s proprietary Biomimiks™ technology mimics the oxidative in vivo absorption mediated by liver enzymes (cytochrome P450) to more precisely predict metabolism patterns, pathways and profiles. This technology is designed to incorporate steric barriers and halogen atoms to protect our catalysts from degradation and electronic activators to increase the rate of metabolite synthesis. Biomimiks™ catalysts are fast-reacting and incredibly stable, generating the large volumes of metabolites needed for further research.

Our catalysts are generally applicable to achieve hydroxylation, epoxidation, N and S oxidation and N-demethylation on numerous targets including functionalized natural product substrates. The hydroxyl and desmethy derivatives are usually difficult to synthesize by conventional organic chemistry methods, and our efficient synthetic methods successfully generate these complex transformations.

Predictive Metabolism Profiling: R&D to Patient Outcomes

Empiriko’s Biomimiks™ technology offers a significant advancement in rational drug development by laying the predictive foundation for emulating CYP enzymes, function, mechanism and reactivity. This powerful technology also allows physicians – before administering a new drug to a patient – to determine the effectiveness and safety of that drug within the context of the patient’s existing therapies.