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Welcome to Empiriko

Empiriko is a biotechnology company that designs game-changing solutions for drug discovery, development and patient treatment. Empiriko’s unique biomimetic platform – Biomimiks™ – closely mimics the oxidative function of the liver by incorporating chemical catalysts, biological processes and computational modeling. The power of these “chemosynthetic livers” is that they quickly and precisely predict the liver’s metabolic reactions to drugs – accelerating drug development, uncovering safety issues, decreasing time and cost, and reducing animal testing.

With Biomimiks™:

  • Research scientists can reduce the attrition of new chemical entities (NCEs) by conducting early metabolism studies, generating quantitative measures of toxicity and reducing the necessity of animal experimentation.
  • Clinicians can analyze metabolic patterns to assess drug-to-drug interactions and the safety and efficacy associated with adding a new drug to a patient’s drug regimen.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can rapidly propel advances in drug discovery and clinical development while introducing new and more efficacious compounds, cutting costs and reducing compound attrition.

Empiriko’s Biomimiks™ platform is designed to include components that can be shared across the entire drug life cycle, ensuring that new applications can be easily developed and deployed. This powerful technology provides the speed, stability and scalability needed to support ongoing pre-clinical iteration and to design safer and more effective drugs cost-effectively.