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BIO 2016

International Cancer Cluster Showcase

BIO 2016: International Cancer Cluster Showcase, San Francisco, CA (June 6, 2016)

About the Conference: The 5th International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS) is taking place June 6th, 2016 in San Francisco. For each of the last 4 years, 200+ representatives of the international oncology community joined ICCS, participating in this focused and dynamic meeting. Cutting edge oncology innovations from leading North American and European industry clusters will be presented in compact presentations giving you the opportunity to learn about the latest opportunities from about 20 companies. Use the event to hear more about emerging start-ups, novel licensing opportunities, promising clinical trial results and innovative technology platforms.

About Empiriko Presentation: Empiriko’s CEO and Founder, Pam Randhawa, will speak about the company’s core synthetic liver technology (Biomimiks™) and its home-based Personalized Metabolic Fingerprint™ device focused on early disease detection, prognosis and prediction in real-time, using a patient’s drop of blood. Pam will share device capabilities related to early disease detection and treatment prediction of cancers in the area of women’s health.

The 5th International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS)

The 5th International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS)