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Health Impact Forum

CAVENDISH GLOBAL Health Impact Forum, LaJolla, CA (May 10-14, 2015)

About the Conference: Cavendish Global, in partnership with co-hosts – The University of California San Diego, The J. Craig Venter Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, The Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, and The Institute of the Americas – will provide a peer-to-peer platform for leading family offices, foundations and sovereign wealth funds from around the world to share their passion for sustainable philanthropy and impact investing in areas of national and global importance. The Forum will include presentations by leading family office members from around the world, accomplished foundations and representatives of sovereign wealth funds as well as the best scientists, accomplished healthcare delivery professionals and health policy experts driving major advances in health and medical outcomes.

About Empiriko Presentation: Empiriko’s CEO and Founder, Pam Randhawa, will participate in a panel on Groundbreaking Discoveries and Innovations in Drug Development Platforms and Diseases of the Central Nervous System and Neurological Diseases. The event will take place at The Scripps Institute and will be co-hosted by CEO’s of members of the Cavendish community, foundations and the private sector. The panel will be moderated by Richard Lipkin, Partner at Easton Capital, a leading private equity firm focused only on those opportunities that office services or products that can materially improve the healthcare people receive or reduce its cost.

Panel members will include:

  • Induce Biologics, Jim DeMesa, Executive Director

  • Jordan Eisenberg, CEO,

  • Pam Randhawa, CEO and Founder, Empiriko

  • Diana Pliura, CEO, Myndtec

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