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Dynamic Women in Business

Harvard Business School Conference

Dynamic Women in Business Conference, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA (February 21, 2015)

The 24th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference is being held at Harvard Business School on Saturday, February 21, 2015. This year, the conference will focus on how to “go beyond” the status quo – be it taking that leap in your entrepreneurial venture, solving increasingly global business challenges, or mentoring employees within your organization. What actions can you take to make a lasting impact in today’s dynamic business world?

The conference, hosted by Harvard Business School’s Women’s Student Association (WSA), is a powerful forum for women to learn from, share with, and inspire one another. This annual conference brings together over 1,000 women – including students, alumnae, faculty, distinguished business leaders, and community members – to explore the opportunities and challenges that women encounter in today’s business world.

Entrepreneurship: The Real Deal

Empiriko’s CEO and Founder, Pam Randhawa, will participate as a conference panelist, tackling tricky situations that entrepreneurs (female entrepreneurs in particular) face. This panel will explore a broad range of issues, including whether to found with a spouse or friend, what personality traits matter (and which don't), and how to navigate raising capital as a woman in an extremely male-dominated field. We will learn how experienced female entrepreneurs handled many of these challenges.