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Empiriko & Interchim sign Partnership Agreement

Interchim Partnership Agreement

Empiriko and Interchim Team Up to Accelerate Drug Discovery Through Oxidative Chemosynthetic Liver Technology for in vitro and ex-vivo Drug Metabolism

NEWTON, MA--(Marketwired - Feb 26, 2014) - Empiriko, a clinical intelligence company, and Interchim, Inc., a leader in design and manufacturing of laboratory instruments, today announced a partnership agreement under which Empiriko will leverage Interchim's PuriFlash®/MassSpec (MS) technology to conduct near real-time and cost effective in vitro and ex-vivo drug metabolism studies using its Biomimiks™ technology.

By leveraging the powerful combination of Empiriko's game-changing chemosynthetic livers and Interchim's innovative instrumentation and expertise in the field of liquid chromatography, pharmaceutical scientists can now predict metabolism patterns, pathways and profiles -- all while generating a complete spectrum of oxidative metabolites for specific drugs and reducing the time for each experiment from weeks to hours. Additionally, scientists and clinicians can quickly identify interactions involving metabolite attenuation and suppression, and evaluate the genotoxicity, drug-to-drug interactions and efficacy associated with adding a new drug to a patient's drug regimen. Interchim's latest PuriFlash® instruments incorporate a mass spectrometer which allows near real-time product separation and structural elucidation of purified compounds and is ideally suited to support Empiriko's Biomimiks technology.

"Our partnership with Interchim represents an important step forward for both companies," said Mukund Chorghade, Empiriko's Chief Scientific Officer. "We are able to offer more comprehensive drug discovery and clinical research solutions and results. Together we will accelerate the delineation of metabolism profiles, enable prediction and scale-up of products and offer scientists a valuable tool for rapid separation and quantification of products. We look forward to working with Interchim to advance the boundaries of DMPK studies."

Also under the agreement, Empiriko will provide input to Interchim with regard to the design of future instrumentation for ex-vivo studies geared toward personalized patient treatment. Empiriko's unprecedented approach to drug testing will drive efficiencies and cost savings, helping pharmaceutical companies realize the next generation of discoveries.

"In a manner of minutes, we were able to generate and isolate metabolites for pharmaceutical entities using Empiriko's Biomimiks™ catalyst and our PuriFlash instrument," added Geoff Todosiev, President of Interchim, Inc. "It was remarkable to observe our instruments being used in such an innovative manner. This partnership opens a whole new market for Interchim's instruments to be used in new applications and we're excited about our ongoing work together."

"Pharmaceutical companies are eager to propel advances in drug discovery and clinical development under continued budget and timeline constraints, and we're determined to help alleviate these top challenges," said Pam Randhawa, Empiriko's CEO. "Interchim's technology will play an important role in helping us fulfill our vision throughout the entire drug lifecycle -- evaluating new chemical entities for drug discovery and clinical trials, as well as personalized patient treatment. No doubt we are working under a new paradigm -- and it is an incredibly exciting time."

About Interchim

Interchim was established in 1970 by Jean Boch, Ph.D., a former Research Director from Sanofi Aventis. Headquartered in Montlucon, France, with U.S. offices in Los Angeles, CA, Interchim supports a wide range of reagents and associated consumables, in addition to its own manufactured brands. The Company's products can be applied throughout the drug life cycle -- from pharmaceutical research and development to manufacturing. The Company's Fine Chemistry division initiates the process through innovative proprietary screening compounds for lead discovery, intermediates, and solutions for chemical purification. The Chromatographic department provides HPLC products to assist in sample analysis and tailored purification as well as many associated accessories, including a comprehensive range of SPE solutions. Interchim Biology further provides a diverse and expansive line of specialty biologicals for applications such as luminescent and fluorescent assays to traditional products for proteomic study. The Company's ethos combines technological excellence and competitive pricing with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. For more information visit: http://www.interchiminc.com.

About Empiriko

Empiriko is a clinical intelligence company that leverages chemistry-based experimental research and in silico modeling to provide solutions in drug discovery, development and patient outcomes by combining scientific research and clinical observations with leading-edge technologies and advanced analytics. To achieve a higher level of predictive power, Empiriko has designed in vitro and ex-vivo biomimetic systems -- Biomimiks™ -- that function as "chemosynthetic livers" to generate and predict metabolic profiles of drugs, which identify New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and reduce drug attrition rates. Empiriko's Biomimiks™ technology offers a significant advancement in rational drug development and lays the predictive foundation for emulating CYP enzymes, function, mechanism and reactivity. With Biomimiks™ pharmaceutical researchers can now apply a new level of proactive intelligence -- aimed at developing better and safer compounds by conducting early metabolism studies, generating quantitative measures of toxicity and reducing the necessity of animal experimentation. For personalized patient treatment, clinicians can now analyze metabolic patterns to assess drug-to-drug interactions and the safety and efficacy associated with adding a new drug to a patient's drug regimen. For more information, visit http://www.empiriko.com.

Biomimiks™ is a trademark of Empiriko Corporation. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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