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Press: NEDMDG/ISSX Workshop

Empiriko Exhibits at NEDMDG/ISSX Joint Workshop in Cambridge, MA

Empiriko Exhibits at NEDMDG/ISSX Joint Workshop in Cambridge, MA (April 17-19, 2013)

Empiriko, a green chemistry company, is showcasing its unique, holistic approach to drug discovery, development and patient outcomes by analyzing the many interactions that may occur among diseases, drugs and patients. We iteratively test and refine our in silico models -- generating hypotheses that are tested in experimental laboratories -- to simulate and predict optimal drug designs, better diagnostics and improved patient outcomes.

To create a new path for clinical R&D that achieves a higher level of predictive power, Empiriko has developed biomimetic systems (Biomimiks™) that serve as “chemosynthetic livers” which emulate biological structure, function, mechanism and reactivity. Our first proprietary in vitro and ex vivo technology, Biomimiks™ mimics the in vivo metabolism-mediated by cytochromes P450 to generate and predict oxidative metabolic profiles of drugs.

With Empiriko Biomimiks™ researchers can study drug metabolites (in vitro) to predict optimal new chemical entities and reduce attrition rates for drug discovery. Biomimiks™ technology is also applied at the individual patient level using inventive diagnostic tests to determine drug-drug interactions, comparative effectiveness and safety/toxicity – providing the framework for achieving personalized treatment.